Columbia - SOUTH AMERICA - Cano Cristales (Paradise River)

Cano Cristales is located in the remote area of the Sierra de la Macarena, the Columbian Natural Reserve National Park, province of Meta, South America.
These pictures are real and there is no any photoshop tricks. Even if  you might be shocked of this vibrant colors i must add that this river is the most beautiful river in the world and i ll explain you this natural phenomena.

During the sunny season algae and mosses which cover the bedrocks producing colors as blue, red, black, yellow and green and reflection of the sunlight upon the river while the flow of river water regulates the amount of sunlight to reach the bottom.

During the rainy season the mosses are too deep for all the colors to bloom and during the dry too shallow but time between the dry and rainy seasons when the water level is just right, the mosses display their rainbow of colors and gives for tourists all over the world to experience one of the most beautiful natural phenomena presented to mankind.

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  1. Nature is really amazing!! Keep up good work and thanks for this great articles!!


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