Sahara Desert of Mauritania - AFRICA - The Eye Of Africa

  If you were an astronaut and you decided to take a brake and look at the Sahara Desert of Mauritania, you would be shocked of the image you see. First you would think it's some illusion or that you are tired of hard trip but soon you would realize that it really looks like a big human eye. That's right...that eye also has name and it's called EYE OF AFRICA.

But lets use another sources to view this phenomena and let me explain you it's interesting facts.

This incredible structures was made due symmetrical uplifting of underlying geology and after thousands of years of erosion its visible now. This strange phenomenon of blue eye is actually a Richat structure that resembles an eye from space.

There is many different opinions of scientist that are trying to explain this phenomenon. By one side some of them believe that this is the sight of meteor impact while the others still believe that it resembles the formations caused by underground nuclear blasts. I have to comment this and i have to inform you that the detonation would have had to be in the gigantic range and no country in the world, also today, has a weapon even close to this destructive yield.

However this natural phenomenon is so amazing and great welcome message that helps bring back our astronauts home.

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