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The Mediterranean is known over the centuries of history, civilization and beauty. It is estimated that there are about 3,000 islands, and if you incorporate the rocks that emerge from the sea, there are over 9,500, but only 140 islands are inhabited. Many of these islands are located in the Aegean Sea, the sea that separates Greece from Asia Minor. And right here is the most romantic island in the Mediterranean - the island of Santorini.

Santorini is a volcanic island and is the meeting place of the great continental plates, the continental Africa and the Aegean archipelago, which is professionally called Egida, wich means that this is the reason why in this area comes to volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. Comparing Plato's records of archaeological evidence in this area, scientists assume that exactly at this point was the legendary Atlantis, which disappeared during the catastrophic volcanic eruption, 1500 years BC.

The most famous Greek archeologist, professor. Spiros Marinatosa, was bothered explaining what actually happened. Comparing the eruption of the Krakatau eruption in late nineteenth. centuryhe came to the conclusion that the height of sea waves (caused by the eruption) was 270 m, while the same lowered to Crete, but was 70 m and so in a moment swept away entire Minoan culture. After the eruption of Santorini has long been uninhabited. One of the first people who settled here was King Thiras, to which the capital city is named - Thira.

On Santorini tourism began to develop quite late (around the 1981st year). The first tourists were adventurers, people who have traveled a lot and were looking for new destinations, and people seeking peace and quiet, contact with nature away from city crowds and modern lifestyle. During the development of tourism, the people began to modify their former way of life and they were given the opportunity to earn a new way of life. In parallel with the development, it began slowly disappearing of traditional things, like donkeys  transportation.

For donkeys Greeks usually say that on their body are the souls of deceased people who were not good in the past life, and now they pay their sins by carrying the brunt and people uphill and downhill. A word of warning - if you want to try this traditional usage, just in case Ride uphill, otherwise you risk the possibility of sudden large increase in the amount of adrenalin. Today Santorini visit annually about 1,000,000 tourists, which is pretty much for the island of 75 km2 with a population of 7500.

Santorini is a romantic island, island of lovers. Named after the patron Saint. Irini, who protects couples who marry here. On one side of the island, on the way to Oii, on the black and red volcanic earth there are the signatures of many couples in love, which are trusting in legends that if they write their names on this marvelous place, their love will be eternal.

Here is something for everyone. If you are looking for a quiet holiday, and you have the perfect deserted beaches, quiet evenings and countless romantic places, both in nature and in the villages, you can have a long walk along the beach and along the sea promenade with dim light of candles and countless restaurants and cafes. And for those who are looking for a crazy good time, there are clubs on the beaches where at around 17:00 pm the party starts- girls dancing on tables and dance continues into the night at the bar of one of the many disco bars in Thira and Kamari.

The food is light and delicious. The most famous dishes are: Caciki - yogurt with garlic and cucumbers (not for lovers), Jemista - roasted tomatoes stuffed with rice, Horijatiki (Greek salad) - cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, red onions, olives and feta cheese, Gyros - lamb meat , Tomato keftedes - roasted tomatoes, moussaka, etc. Prices in restaurants are affordable. 
I recommend you to avoid restaurants in Thira, which have views of the Caldera. Some restaurants charge this view up to 300% of the cost of dinner. With a drink in the cafes is the same ting, but it is even worth it. One coffee from $10 (around 8EUR), for this view is worth. For those more spoiled, there are cafes with the beach chairs, you order a coffee and to meditate, enjoying the spectacle that nature provides. Just watch out for one thing: NOT in the Greek language means YES. If you you wish to decline something in the restaurant, it can happen that you just serve it. The most famous and best drink in the whole Greece is definitely shakes. Shakes is in our milk with fruit, but in Greece it is cold Nescafee with or without sugar. Fantastic drink that perfectly matches the high temperatures.

One of the first things that tourists can notice is that the island has a tremendous lot of churches. There are a total of 352, which is incredibly much for such a small island. What exactly is the cause? Since the inhabitants over the centuries mainly engaged in shipping (because of agriculture they could not live), and then there were not yet modern navigation systems, satellites, etc., and they were very superstitious, often make a vow that if they return to travel, build a church. There is a legend about the church in Karterados built by a sailor returning from a long journey, and when the water was gone, he used wine. The church is so completed with wine. Besides the sailors, the inhabitants were afraid and frequent earthquakes and eruptions vulkansih, so they were built to satisfy the will of the Gods. All the churches were built in a combination of colors - blue and white. White symbolizes the spirit, the spirit of liberty, and the blue sea and sky. Heaven is the house of the Gods.

Santorini is 12 hours away by boat from Athens (or 6 hours by hydrofoil), another 2 hours by boat from Santorini (in the direction of Mykonos and Athens), while Mykonos is 7 hours away by boat from Santorini and 5 hours from Athens.

Since that time to the islanders is not important,it can happen to you tah you wait one  person for an hour and a half, and that the same person don't even upset with it. "Where do you really hurry", they will say. "Stress is not good for health. Slowly, drink one shake! Why are you angry?" These are just some of the answers that you will often hear. All this does not mean that they are malicious or cunning; inhabitants of Santorini are very simple people, essentially good, but they are a little hot, and from there emerged their slowness. Otherwise, it is one of the few islands where tourism is developed, and there is not much crime. You can be absolutely peaceful, it's just, that people have other criteria. A lot more attention to the nature and to a contact with nature.

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