Morocco - NORTH AFRICA - Climbing Goats

Is this normal? Is this true? Yes it is! Amazingly, these incredible animals are actually real. They climb Argan trees in Morocco in need for food, which is otherwise rare in this area. Leaded by their need, they became not only able to climb trees, but they became really skilled in this art and It's hard to imagine this for animals with hooves.

I have to add one more interesting fact: Actually the poo (droppings) of this goats contains grain seeds that locals use to press and grind into oil. This oil has many uses including culinary and cosmetic, and even if maybe this sounds disturbingly for you and you might want to skip over the versions sold by locals for something more known, i have to inform you that quarter-liter of this product costs from 15 to 50 USD.

If you still don't believe the images of goats climbing trees up to 30 feet, i added a video to convince even the most cynical skeptics.


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