Venezuela - SOUTH AMERICA - Angel Waterfall

I'm, sure you are already enough shocked of this amazing view and recommend you just to relax, to turn on some easy music and to imagine yourself on a place like this with your best friend/partner. But before that, please let me tell you a bit more about this beauty called Angel WaterfallsAngel Waterfall is the tallest waterfall in the world (metric 979 meters, eng 3212 feet) and it's located in Guyana highlands, one of the five regions of Venezuela, South America. I have to add that Angel Waterfalls is 15 times higher than Niagara Waterfalls with it's total of approximately 52 meters or en 170,60 feet.

But why "Angel" Waterfalls? There is one legend that can give us an answer. Actually, this waterfall is named by Jimmy Angel, an adventurous pilot from Missouri ( USA ), who flew to the air circus Lindbergh. HE was the first person who saw this amazing waterfall in 1933 with his partner while they were searching for the legendary McCracken River of Gold or, as you already heard about, Golden City. Jimmy returned again in 1937 with his wife and his friend Gustavo where they had an emergency landing on the top of the mountain Auyantepuy (mountain of Angel Waterfalls). The aircraft stayed on the top of the mountain for 33 years until it was taken down by helicopter.Jimmy and his companions rescued by walking through the jungle for eleven days. If you ever visit Auyantepuy you will find replica of Jimmy's airplane.

If you ever decide to visit this magic place, you can always search for special tours, day tours, accommodations or you can just search to enjoy a true expedition by helicopter so you could really enjoy this fascinating peace of nature. Of course, let me know your experience when you come back and i ll wait for it...

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