Venezuela - SOUTH AMERICA - The Roraima Mountain

I can only say that this place is one of the most famous attractions for those who are really in love to spectacular nature. This very tall mountain is located on the lands of Venezuela and surrounded by clouds which make it seem suspended in the air.But there is one more interesting fact about this amazing mountain. Actually, Roraima Mountain is located right on the junction of three borders - Guyana, Venezuela and Brazil, and that means that once you have climbed on top of Mount Roraima, you will be able to stand in three countries in the same time and that is the most joyful experience.

The only "bad" side of this amazing place is that in accordance with the fact that Roraima Mountain is almost always in the middle of heavy clouds, i have to add that the rain is almost daily forecast. Of course, if you would ever wish to visit this amazing surprising place, you have to know that there is several companies that offers tours to Mount Roraima and most of them organize 6 day tours.

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